Saturday, February 28, 2009

That look on my's shame...

Yes, I do realize it has been a month and one day since I have posted anything. There is about 3 inches of snow in the ground right now. It's pretty, but honestly I hate it! It totally ruined my plans for the day. I'm a tad bit bitter, I'll get over it.
What's new in my life?
Well I have a boyfriend now :)
(I know what you're thinking and, no, this won't become one of those blogs where I go on and no about that subject, promise!)
I'm liking my new job, it has stressful days, but all in all I like it.
My new car is great!
(I know, still no pics)
There hasn't been anything very exciting going on in my life lately. I need to add some pics from the 33miles concert I went to, maybe tomorrow. I'm going to a Sanctus Real concert next Saturday in Mountain Home next weekend! Pretty super excited about that!
So I think that's all for now...