Monday, December 22, 2008


Hey kids! I didn't disappear, I swear! I have been kinda busy, not so much so that I couldn't have blogged, that part just happened cause I'm sort of a slacker. Opps!
So today is my next to last day of working at the library. It has been kin of slow this afternoon, I think it's too cold for people to get out. This morning I went over to the county clerks office, which is where I will be working starting January 2nd. I thought I might get a small taste of the job and see what it's going to be like. While I was there a couple got a marriage licence, two people needed passports, and we worked on paying a bunch of bills. I had never realized the process it takes for county offices to pay their bills, way! I'll have a full report after the 2nd!
So here's what I've been up to lately...
About 2 weeks ago I got a Blackberry Curve!!! I (heart) it!

I went to Silver Dollar City last Friday with my boys, here are some pics...

Last Sunday we had a 60th Wedding Anniversary for my Grandparents, that was fun. 60 years is a long time, most people don't make it that long!

So I think that's it!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Deputy without a Badge!

So, I will be starting a new job soon. I am going to be a deputy clerk for our county. The official job title is weird to me, I feel like I should have a badge, or a gun, or a really butch hair cut!? This will be a full time job, I'm only part time at the library right now, so that will be a change. The main reason for the change is I got dropped from my current insurance, and I had to find a job where I would have that. I'm really excited to start, I know I will have to learn a ton of new things, but there are going to be some other people starting jobs there too, so I won't be the only new kid on the block. So that's really all I know at this point, guess I'll have more to say about it after I start!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black (Eye) Friday

Ok, so I didn't really get a black eye, but it would have been totally possible considering as man was killed at a Wal-Mart store early Friday morning!

I did do a ton of shopping, that started at 4:45 Friday morning. I got a camera at Wal-Mart. Then to Springfield and the mall. I got some clothes and a bunch of stuff at Bath & Body works, I heart that place! The best purchase of the day would be the Kathy Van Zeeland bag I got! It's green, it's shiny, it's fabulous! I will have to post a pic.

This is completely random, but while in Best Buy in Springfield I saw the band Hinder. No, I don't mean on an album cover, I mean the real deal, They played a show there Thanksgiving night and they were doing a meet and greet in Best Buy.

I guess I should backtrack, I kinda skipped Thanksgiving. This year I spent Thanksgiving in West Plains with my BFF and his family. Our fam doesn't really do much, so I decided while I had a little bit of time off work I would go there. I got some great birthday gifts while I was there, the best was this bible from Clay -

It is pretty much the coolest thing ever! The edge of the pages are bright gold and it's only about 5 or so inches tall, it will fit in my purse so great!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birthday, BABY!

When your birthday is on a random Thursday not much excitement usually happens. My birthday is actually going to stretch until next week. Here is today's birthday recognition...

I got flowers at work from my family!

Here is my name on the bulletin board in the Youth room at church.

A close-up


So this concludes the birthday countdown, I am now 21!!! The photo above is last year at the library, my mom brought me the cake and pizza. If you look closely you can see my name is spelled wrong on the "Mellissa"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

19, my last "teen" year...

This is on Thanksgiving after my 19th birthday, which is only about a week. Not much to say about it, there is a lot of green in the pic...

18, now I can vote!

This is yesterday's post, I'm a slacker! Again, not a party photo, I do remember my 18th birthday was on a Sunday and I had lunch with my grandparents (we had Chinese!) This is me the August after I turned 18, I decided to cut all my hair off.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I just posted my first listing at my Etsy store!!!
Check it out!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dancing Queen, only 17!

So once again I can't upload a photo, I think it might be my dial-up, grrr! I hate it! So I'm going to try and add photo tomorrow at work.

Today's post is me at 17, sitting in my car, which I can at this point drive, I finally got my licence when I was 17. That is definitely the most memorable thing that happened that year!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

SWEET Sixteen!

Also not a party photo, you can't see me very well, but this is my first car that I got when I turned 16. It's a 1990 Cougar. It was a pretty good car, I drove it until March of last year. It pretty much completely died.

The above was the caption for my photo, but I've tried to upload it 3 times and the uploader thing won't work, so I'm going to add the photo later.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

5 X 3 = 15

No party photo this time, actually there won't be many more party photos. This was taken not too long after I turned 15. This is about as long as my hair has ever been. I was in the process of growing my bangs out here, I hated them!

Fearless Fourteen

I'm a day behind, I will have to catch up later. This is yesterdays post. Apparently some one's flash on their camera wasn't working when they took these...

Once again another Pizza Hut party, this is the last one.
Every girl needs a huge smiley face pillow!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Fair Results

I'm a slacker, I should have done this sooner.
I got got one red ribbon at the State Fair. It is on a photo that I got blue ribbons on at county and district. The judging at state is apparently done differently than they do it here. I plan on finding out exactly how they do the judging before going next year.
This photo was taking in Eureka Springs, anyone who lives around here has probably walked past the bench, if not at least driven by it.

Baker's Dozen

Officially a teenager!
This party took place at the same place as the pool party. I decided not to swim because I "didn't want to mess my hair up".

So a!

Check out Wes hangin' out in the background...haha!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One Dozen!

Finally at the age 12 my obsession with Winnie the Pooh came to an end...but first one more birthday party with that theme.

Also let me mention that today is Wes's 14th birthday, I should have added a pic of him, but I'm at work. Anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUB!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2 ones...

I didn't come up with a photo from my 11th birthday party, but I am 11 in this photo. It is probably not too long after considering there is snow.
I have realized from these photos that I had s serious obsession with Winnie the Pooh.

Monday, November 10, 2008

T - E - N

When I turned 10 Wes and I had a double party. This place had an indoor swimming pool. I was always jealous of kids with summer birthdays, because they could have pool parties, so after 10 years of searching for a place we could swim in November we found one!
Notice that my dad's mustache has been tammed down a little ;)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Workin' 9 - 5

On my 9th birthday Wesley had been in the hospital with pneumonia for around 2 weeks, he actually spent his 2nd birthday there. The nurses made him the banner you can see in the background and got him cupcakes.

Because of all the hospital drama, my birthday was pretty short and sweet. Pretty much just family and cake at Pizza Hut.

8 was great!

Once again we find ourselves having my party at Mc Donalds. This post is also dated a day late, I haven't been around a computer much today.

There really isn't much to caption these photos with. Enjoy!

Friday, November 7, 2008

7 ATE 9!!!

My little brother was born 8 days before my 7th birthday, so this was just a family party.
Before the party, a family shot. I am no longer the baby!

The gift I'm holding is a doll, but check out the stack of VHS movies behind me...retro!
The one candle at the bottom in for Wes.
I got a BIKE!!! Check out the look on my grandmother's face...she was afraid I was going to "fall over and harm the baby!"

6 of one, half a dozen of another...

So this is actually going to be posted on Nov. 7th, but it is the post for Nov. 6th. I went to an AWESOME concert tonight and I did not get back it time to post it. I'll add pics of that later!

So because I have to do everything big and to the extreme I had two parties when I turned 6. The first one was at school with my class, my mom made cupcakes.

Second party was at Mc Donald's. I don't even remember some of the kids in this!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

5, 5, $5 Footlong!

Beauty and the Beast cake!
Could my face be any more chubby!?!?

You must lick the icing off the candles!

So there is a hilarious story to go with this pic. I really thought I was getting a horse for my birthday, so when my dad left to get this chair out of the garage and came back in with it I got really mad, because it wasn't a horse. I secretly loved the chair, not as much as I would have a horse, but I thought I should make my parents think I was mad.

Here I am starting to get over can see some of my other gifts in my arms. Yea, that's a Troll doll with blue hair! Also a "Michelle" from Full House doll.

After my parents went to bed I decided to sneak up and sleep in my secret favorite! They caught me!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

4 your entertainment!

And now I'm 4!

Barbie cake!!!

Today's post is short and me!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Tomorrow is election day, let your voice be heard, GO VOTE!!!
I'm very excited to be voting in my first presidential election. I think it's pretty cool that no matter who wins this election it will be a first, either a black president or a woman as vice-president. In a small way I feel like my vote will be helping make history. I think the next 4 years will be a time of a lot of change for the United States.
Not only am I going to exercise my right as an American to vote, I am also going to work at an election poll. This will also be a first for me, I'm really excited to "get my feet wet" as far as politics go. Hopefully if I like it I will get called to do it again. My friends have picked up on this and now joke that I will be "working the poll" on!

1 + 2 = 3!!!

This birthday party was held at my grandparent's house.
Garfield cake!

I look like trouble!

Just being me...

Notice the wardrobe change! Check out my friends carrying the gifts to me like I'm a princess! Also note the "My Big Sister" doll next to me, those were so popular back in the day!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Throw up your duces!

So here's my second birthday!

So you know you are a child of the 80's when you had an "Alf" cake! My mom made it, she use to make cakes for a living, she made a lot of the ones that are to come in the next few posts.

Check out the mound of gifts behind me!