Wednesday, November 5, 2008

5, 5, $5 Footlong!

Beauty and the Beast cake!
Could my face be any more chubby!?!?

You must lick the icing off the candles!

So there is a hilarious story to go with this pic. I really thought I was getting a horse for my birthday, so when my dad left to get this chair out of the garage and came back in with it I got really mad, because it wasn't a horse. I secretly loved the chair, not as much as I would have a horse, but I thought I should make my parents think I was mad.

Here I am starting to get over can see some of my other gifts in my arms. Yea, that's a Troll doll with blue hair! Also a "Michelle" from Full House doll.

After my parents went to bed I decided to sneak up and sleep in my secret favorite! They caught me!

1 comment:

Johnice said...

The kid sister doll and the Michelle doll must be related...cousins?