Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black (Eye) Friday

Ok, so I didn't really get a black eye, but it would have been totally possible considering as man was killed at a Wal-Mart store early Friday morning!

I did do a ton of shopping, that started at 4:45 Friday morning. I got a camera at Wal-Mart. Then to Springfield and the mall. I got some clothes and a bunch of stuff at Bath & Body works, I heart that place! The best purchase of the day would be the Kathy Van Zeeland bag I got! It's green, it's shiny, it's fabulous! I will have to post a pic.

This is completely random, but while in Best Buy in Springfield I saw the band Hinder. No, I don't mean on an album cover, I mean the real deal, They played a show there Thanksgiving night and they were doing a meet and greet in Best Buy.

I guess I should backtrack, I kinda skipped Thanksgiving. This year I spent Thanksgiving in West Plains with my BFF and his family. Our fam doesn't really do much, so I decided while I had a little bit of time off work I would go there. I got some great birthday gifts while I was there, the best was this bible from Clay -

It is pretty much the coolest thing ever! The edge of the pages are bright gold and it's only about 5 or so inches tall, it will fit in my purse so great!

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Anonymous said...

That pattern on the front is so pretty!

I have a copy of the message and it's bright pink with silver edges