Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shoes and a hand bag to die for!

Ok, so where to begin...

I got 2 pairs of ridiculously fabulous shoes...

I'm actually wearing these today at work with jeans and a shirt I got at Hot Topic last night.

They are "Michelle D's", "Jazlyn".

The others are "Gianni Bini's". They are red, closed toe, heels with just a hint of sparkle and 3 little silver hearts on the outside of the heel. So YUMMY! Yes, I just referred to shoes as yummy, in some weird way shoes remind me of candy. I wish I had a picture of them, they are my favorite out of the two pairs. I may just have to take one and post it.

I also got the greatest handbag ever! Again I couldn't find a pic, but I think I will take one. It is a "Kathy Van Zeeland". It's metallic silver and in my own terms has lots of "hardware". The straps have really cool hinges, and it has a really funky hang down key chain with lots of bling!

So, back to the fact that I am wearing the pink ones today, a guy came in the library earlier and needed to send a fax, so while I'm sending it he says "I like those shoes". That pretty much made my day, guys noticing fabulous shoes and then commenting on it is like the greatest thing ever!

As with almost every other post I've added this one is going to involve food. I ate at Olive Garden yesterday, they have a new chicken dish that is amazing.

It is the Chicken Milanese and it consist of Pan-seared chicken breasts crusted with Italian herbed breadcrumbs, served with asiago-filled tortelloni, tossed with spinach in a garlic cream sauce.

It was so good, I hope they add it to the menu.

Women are funny, while standing in line last night to watch Sex and the City. I made some observations.

1. When going to watch a movie such as S & C women feel the need to dress up, apparently if the movie showcases great fashion you should be dressed this way too.

I don't have a problem with this in anyway, except if you are going to do it, do it right. I saw some of the awfullest outfits I have ever seen. One lady in particular, she was wearing a brown, sleeveless dress that was a size too small, which caused a problem with clinginess. It was made out of a material that was a bit heavy, so even if it had had room to be flowy, there was no chance of that happening.

2. Women feel the need to over state how much their husbands/boyfriends hate chick flicks.

It's a world-wide known fact that men don't like chick flicks. Apparently some women don't know this and they don't realize that everyone else does know it. I bet I heard 15 different women tell their friends something along these lines. "I tried to get ________ (insert guy name here) to come with me, but he didn't want to see this movie." To which the friends would reply "Yea, my husband/boyfriend didn't want to either" Duh! ya think!?!? Was this information exchange really that shocking to you?

So these are my thoughts....

I'm thinking about starting a shopping blog, like pretty much when I get new stuff posting pics and whatnot, hmmm....we'll see.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sitting at work...

All my titles end with...but that's ok, right? So re-run season is upon us, which usually is a bad thing, but I'm looking forward to watching the Gossip Girl re-runs. I'm never home enough to keep up with a series, but I'm going to try to keep up with these. I'm also going to watch the whole season of Smallville, I kinda missed like most of them last season though, so a lot of it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The reason I missed them was because Thursday was my bowling night, anything else I might have sacrificed to watch it, but not that. I sort of have ADD when it comes to television watching, I find myself trying to read during the commercials or something like that, which usually leads to reading past the commercials and missing the show.
So speaking of bowling, our season ended 2 weeks ago, my team got 3rd place. I was super excited about that! I really wanted to bowl a 200 game this season, but it didn't happen. Hopefully I will get it next season. I would love to say I'm going to practice a whole lot over the summer, but I'm not sure that will happen.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A. Idol thoughts

So yesterday I was all caught up in the library banter, and I didn't say anything about American Idol.
Here goes...

First off if you are a living, breathing, American you already know that David Cook won. I was super excited, I like him a lot! When he first auditioned I said he totally could win the whole thing, and I was right!

Who could forget his awesome audition where he did his own version of Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" and of course the awesome argyle pull!

This was one of my favorite performances. Idol top 12 week when he sang "Eleanor Rigby". The comment from Simon that week was ,"You actually could win this entire show"

How much do I love this shot!?

My girl Amanda, "the rebel with no cause", if you will, on the end doing the classic peace sign, while all the other girls do what they were told to do in rehearsal. Total maverick!

How great is this moment...just chillin', singing with Bryan Adams. Just for the record Bryan Adams is ageing gloriously!

The greatest American Idol winner yet! I wasn't crazy about the tails on her dress. It kinda reminded my of the outfit Dolly Parton wore a few weeks back on Idol, although at the rate Carrie is going she just might be the next Dolly, who as we all know can wear whatever she wants!

I just have one question...why did they steal Mini Me's shirt and put Archie in it??

I wasn't exactly sure how humble he was a few weeks back, but I think this was for real.

So there ya go kids our 2008 American Idol, David Cook!

So TRUE...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Around the library...

So, just in case you didn't know I work in a public library, and from time to time things happen that I feel I need to vent about -
1. Today, someone apparently knew they were going to be using a computer long enough that their poor, little body would grow faint and hungry, so they brought crackers with them to sustain themselves. This is a two-fold problem. First, when eating crackers you make crumbs, when you make crumbs where do they go? Well, if you are sitting over a computer they go into the spaces in the keyboard! Second, a small portion of the said crackers were dropped and someone else of course stepped on the small portion and therefore now, we have tons of smashed pieces in the floor.
2. The fabulous library I work in has 10 lovely patron computers. They are completely free to use and open to the public, as long as you have no over due library materials. All you have to do to use them is abide by the rules and sign in on our time log before you use one, simple enough right? Apparently not! Three grow adult people came in today, one person sat down at a computer and the other two watched over his shoulder. I ever so politely walked over with the time log and ask the person to sign in and I let him know that when he wanted to use our computers he needed to do so. Approximately 15 minutes later I see that he is now looking at books and the people with him have both decided they want to use a computer, did they sign in...NO! I know they heard me tell him what he needed to do, because they watched me tell him! Afraid that I might not be able to be so nice this time, I pointed it out to a co-worker who,and apparently when I did they heard me, because one came over and said "I was just about to sign in", keep in mind this is after using the computer for a good 5 minutes.
Those were the majors today, nothing horrible, just stuff.
On a much better note I have a great story about a really nice guy.
He came in and wanted to print out some pictures of his new grandchild from his e-mail. With a little help he did so, the kid was way cute by the way. Then he ask if we have any books about basketball, or specifically Micheal Jordan. While my co-worker searches our database for him, I decide to throw out a fact for him that there is going to be a new documentary about Jordan coming out. FYI, I got my fabulous info from Perez Hilton...

Spike Lee announced in Cannes on Monday that he is directing a feature-length documentary about Michael 'Air' Jordan, who some argue is the best pro-basketball player in history.
Lee revealed that he hopes to bring the doc to next year's Cannes Festival.
MJ on the Cannes red carpet!
The project will feature previously-unseen footage shot by NBA cameras during the final two years in Jordan's career, the 2001-02 and 2002-03 seasons.
He replies "Oh really!" I say "Yes, and I think Wesley Snipes is involved". Ok let me cut in here and say I made a mistake I meant Spike Lee, but I had just read something about Snipes, so that's what came out...oppps! Ok, back to story at hand. He replies "is he going to do it from jail" and again thanks to Perez I was able to say "actually looks like he is not going right now"
The courts ruled on Wednesday that if he was not granted bail to appeal his tax convictions, then he'd have to check into the big house by June 3rd.
According to new reports, though, Snipes was granted bail today (Thursday) until his appeal goes through.
The judge who issued the order reportedly indicated that the appeal process could "equal — or nearly equal — the length of the term of the commitment imposed."
To which he says "well thanks for the update". So if nothing else, today I got a guy up to speed with the latest celeb gossip.
Actually story doesn't end there, he did find a couple of books we wanted to check out. When he gets to the desk with them he takes out the title cards, which I found odd. The reason I found it odd was we haven't used those cards in the "check out process" for at least 4 years. Seeing that he was a really nice guy who wouldn't get offended I said, "I'm curious how long it has been since you have checked something out at the library?" He looks at me funny and says "why?", and I say "well, we don't use those cards anymore", and my co-worker shows him the "new" bar code scanning system and the receipt printout, he was very impressed and laughed when he realized how "far behind" he had gotten in terms of the library. I wish all people were as nice and friendly as this guy. When he left he looked at me and said "bye Wesley", it was so cute! I laughed.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So, I got my radio all up and running on Monday and I love it! Here's the bad news, I used a promotion code when I called to set it up. The promotion was to get the first 3 months free, the activation fee waived, and a year's worth of radio for $77. This was a pretty sweet deal and I was super excited. The lady who helped me said the code was valid and everything was good to go. Today, while I'm sitting at work I get a phone call from an unknown number, so I answer and it is another representative from XM who tells me that the code I used does not entitle me to the first 3 months free. I'm pretty much not too happy at this point and she doesn't really care so I ask to speak to her supervisor. The supervisor tells me all the same stuff and after my not very happy reply they decide to give me one month free. So, I still got a pretty good deal, but I think when one representative tells me I can have something I should get it!
In other news, the mac and cheese snacks I ate earlier were delicious! It was brought to my attention last night, by a very awesome source, that I haven't eaten bacon in at least a month. Which really doesn't sound like a big deal, until you know that it is like my favorite food. Maybe not my most favorite but it's definitely in the top 10. So I also had a bacon toaster today, which was way tasty! I have a new favorite drink at Sonic also, it is lemonade with strawberry.
I just realized that pretty much all my post involve food...weird?
Tonight is the last night of performances for this season of American Idol. *TEAR* Actually I am pretty much excited, this season has seemed long to me, very entertaining though. I think this year will be one of the closest ever, both Davids are very talented. I really think that Cook will win. He has been my pick all along, all though I won't be disappointed if he doesn't win. He will definitely be getting a record deal.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

So here it is XM satellite radio!
See what happened was I went to Wal-Mart last night for no other reason than to just look around with Alysa (side note, this was after eating way too much really good Chinese food!) and we were in the electronics section anyways, so I decided to just go look. Upon my arrival to this section of the store I find that all the radio equipment is on sale, so I got sucked in and bought it. I also got the home adaptor, which will take care of that fore mentioned problem of me living in my car. I haven't actually installed it yet, because it was getting dark when I got home. Hopefully I can get it all up and going this afternoon.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mid-week melancholy

So, I missed Idol last night, but as we all knew Syesha went home. Now it is the battle of the Davids! I really hope to see more of Syesha, the last few weeks on Idol I have really enjoyed her performances. I think she has really found herself as an artist and is ready to take on the stage.

Yesterday something pretty cool happened, I won an autographed copy of a book that is the sequel to one I read a few months ago and totally loved, it's called "Around the World in 80 Dates", by
Christa Ann Banister. The sequel isn't going to be released until August, and I can't wait!

Tonight is my last night of bowling, I'm kinda sad it is over for the year, but I know I will be really busy with other stuff this summer. As of last week our team is in third place, we only won 1 out of 4 last week, so our standings this week will depend on how the other teams did.

So, I get to go on my lunch break in 5 minutes, I'm pretty super excited about that! I'm working a little more than usual this week, which is totally fine with me. Hopefully when I get my next check I can get a new phone, which won't be near as exciting as that usually is, considering that I'm going to get the same one I have now. In the long run though I think I will he happier with have the same phone for a long time, rather than having to pay out the nose for ring tones.

I'm thinking about getting satellite radio in my car. I rode to work related training the other day with a co-worker who had it and I was uber jealous. There are like 170 stations! I always joke about living in my car, but I'm pretty sure if I get it I really will. Although there are accessories you can get to use it with your home stereo. This venture looks pretty promising, I'll let you know how it works out.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Fabulous Weekend!

Here's a recap -

Friday included shopping for jewelry and getting some great bargains! Followed by an amazing pedicure...possibly my new addiction? I discovered I love the new chicken sandwich at Mc Donald's, which is what I had for lunch, with possibly the best fries I have eaten there in at least a year.
The afternoon was long, possibly because I was way excited about my upcoming adventure to Clarksville for the U of O graduation. I rode down with a friend, and we didn't leave until 8:30, so the trip seemed a bit long with it being dark. Upon arrival we immediately found Wendy's, where I had the classic Frosty & Fries! Once back to the campus much chatting and " hanging out" was was in order. Much so until about 3:15 A.M. when sleep finally found me.

Saturday started early, around 6ish. I honestly don't remember getting ready, due to being sleep deprived. I kinda fade in on the day, somewhere around the time when some of us are in the car on the way to get breakfast. We were in a hurry, so it was Mc Donald's to go, which might I add, Mc Donald's has amazing breakfast! Then it was off to the chapel for baccalaureate, and after that, the big event known as graduation. It was a bit cold and triedto rain, but held off til later. I'm so glad it did!
Dinner was fun...a short road trip, loud music, friends, random pictures, having my food paid for.
After being kinda, almost blown away by a tornado, it was to Wal-Mart to buy a gift. That in itself, not so fun, but when in the presence of Jessica and Quinn ever so much fun! After that mission was complete it was to Wendy's for more Frosty & Fries! I need to throw in at this point that I probably gained 10 pounds this weekend. Once back to the campus much more of the before mentioned "hanging out" was participated in. Once again not enough sleep was had, and it was a long drive home early this morning.

Sunday, needless to say was filled with napping, it was glorious!

As for something random, I didn't not partake in Mac & Cheese bites today or yesterday...oh well, it might be for the best...
Some Pics...

Quinn & Me

Jess & Me


At dinner

Jess, Quinn, Me, David Ray, Kari

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A continuum...

As I predicted Jason, was voted off American Idol last night. I'm not exactly bragging about knowing this because I'm pretty sure Helen Keller could have told you he was going home.
There is all this talk of him mouth the word "don't vote" while Ryan was giving out his voting line nunbers. I disagree I think he said "vote, vote" he was just holding his mouth funny while he said the words.
I meant for this to be longer, but it is time to leave work....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm Melissa Sooter and this is my American Idol update...

So my first thought is, no one on AI should ever, ever sing a Bob Marley song. He was great, we love him, but only he, himself can sing those songs. They aren't great vocal songs and they just aren't the same coming from anybody else.
Secondly, Randy apparently woke up on the wrong side oh his pricey satin sheets...he was totally giving some the contestants a bit of the "stink eye".
My man Simon came through though and totally told them what they needed to hear.
I am pretty sure that Jason will go home tonight, I'm sure he has a lot of fans, I mean he is way cute, but the last few weeks his performances just weren't what they needed to be. If not him it will be Syesha, but I think he last couple of weeks have been strong enough that she will get to stick around one more week.
On another random note, I had my daily order of Mac & Cheese snacks earliler, they were amazing!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Something worth reading...

I'm not sure this will actually be worth reading, but here we go. I'm actually sitting at work, with 35 minutes to go. American Idol is tonight, so I'm pretty mucho excited about that. I'm still not sure who I think will win, I know it will be one of the Davids. They are both really good, personally I think David C. is more talented, but who knows, David A. has a lot of fans.
This is totally random information, but I feel you should know since Sonic brought back the Mac & Cheese snacks last week I have eaten an order everyday one day I had them twice...I know, I know, it's not a good habit, but I'm only gunna live once!
I'm sorta addicted to this new site thanks to my fabulous boss! You should join then you can follow me! My current updates are actually posted on the right of this blog...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The beginning of something fabulous...

I'll post someting worth reading when I get this all figured out...