Thursday, May 22, 2008

Around the library...

So, just in case you didn't know I work in a public library, and from time to time things happen that I feel I need to vent about -
1. Today, someone apparently knew they were going to be using a computer long enough that their poor, little body would grow faint and hungry, so they brought crackers with them to sustain themselves. This is a two-fold problem. First, when eating crackers you make crumbs, when you make crumbs where do they go? Well, if you are sitting over a computer they go into the spaces in the keyboard! Second, a small portion of the said crackers were dropped and someone else of course stepped on the small portion and therefore now, we have tons of smashed pieces in the floor.
2. The fabulous library I work in has 10 lovely patron computers. They are completely free to use and open to the public, as long as you have no over due library materials. All you have to do to use them is abide by the rules and sign in on our time log before you use one, simple enough right? Apparently not! Three grow adult people came in today, one person sat down at a computer and the other two watched over his shoulder. I ever so politely walked over with the time log and ask the person to sign in and I let him know that when he wanted to use our computers he needed to do so. Approximately 15 minutes later I see that he is now looking at books and the people with him have both decided they want to use a computer, did they sign in...NO! I know they heard me tell him what he needed to do, because they watched me tell him! Afraid that I might not be able to be so nice this time, I pointed it out to a co-worker who,and apparently when I did they heard me, because one came over and said "I was just about to sign in", keep in mind this is after using the computer for a good 5 minutes.
Those were the majors today, nothing horrible, just stuff.
On a much better note I have a great story about a really nice guy.
He came in and wanted to print out some pictures of his new grandchild from his e-mail. With a little help he did so, the kid was way cute by the way. Then he ask if we have any books about basketball, or specifically Micheal Jordan. While my co-worker searches our database for him, I decide to throw out a fact for him that there is going to be a new documentary about Jordan coming out. FYI, I got my fabulous info from Perez Hilton...

Spike Lee announced in Cannes on Monday that he is directing a feature-length documentary about Michael 'Air' Jordan, who some argue is the best pro-basketball player in history.
Lee revealed that he hopes to bring the doc to next year's Cannes Festival.
MJ on the Cannes red carpet!
The project will feature previously-unseen footage shot by NBA cameras during the final two years in Jordan's career, the 2001-02 and 2002-03 seasons.
He replies "Oh really!" I say "Yes, and I think Wesley Snipes is involved". Ok let me cut in here and say I made a mistake I meant Spike Lee, but I had just read something about Snipes, so that's what came out...oppps! Ok, back to story at hand. He replies "is he going to do it from jail" and again thanks to Perez I was able to say "actually looks like he is not going right now"
The courts ruled on Wednesday that if he was not granted bail to appeal his tax convictions, then he'd have to check into the big house by June 3rd.
According to new reports, though, Snipes was granted bail today (Thursday) until his appeal goes through.
The judge who issued the order reportedly indicated that the appeal process could "equal — or nearly equal — the length of the term of the commitment imposed."
To which he says "well thanks for the update". So if nothing else, today I got a guy up to speed with the latest celeb gossip.
Actually story doesn't end there, he did find a couple of books we wanted to check out. When he gets to the desk with them he takes out the title cards, which I found odd. The reason I found it odd was we haven't used those cards in the "check out process" for at least 4 years. Seeing that he was a really nice guy who wouldn't get offended I said, "I'm curious how long it has been since you have checked something out at the library?" He looks at me funny and says "why?", and I say "well, we don't use those cards anymore", and my co-worker shows him the "new" bar code scanning system and the receipt printout, he was very impressed and laughed when he realized how "far behind" he had gotten in terms of the library. I wish all people were as nice and friendly as this guy. When he left he looked at me and said "bye Wesley", it was so cute! I laughed.


The Well Read Gardener said...

Of course the nice old guy comes in when I'm gone! That really makes me mad about the crakers. I think I'm going to start letting the hammer fall on people who bring in drinks and snacks. If they don't like it they can go to Exxon (aka, second home...library is the first home) and eat there. It's against policy anyway, so we'll just start enforcing it more!

Inked said...

i can just see ur face about the grown ppl not signing n...priceless!

Greg Mclardie said...

I agreed that the public library has it all the books you are looking for but it also depends on the places or location, some library don't have the one what we are looking for, so we can always search it online.
Greg Mclardie