Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shoes and a hand bag to die for!

Ok, so where to begin...

I got 2 pairs of ridiculously fabulous shoes...

I'm actually wearing these today at work with jeans and a shirt I got at Hot Topic last night.

They are "Michelle D's", "Jazlyn".

The others are "Gianni Bini's". They are red, closed toe, heels with just a hint of sparkle and 3 little silver hearts on the outside of the heel. So YUMMY! Yes, I just referred to shoes as yummy, in some weird way shoes remind me of candy. I wish I had a picture of them, they are my favorite out of the two pairs. I may just have to take one and post it.

I also got the greatest handbag ever! Again I couldn't find a pic, but I think I will take one. It is a "Kathy Van Zeeland". It's metallic silver and in my own terms has lots of "hardware". The straps have really cool hinges, and it has a really funky hang down key chain with lots of bling!

So, back to the fact that I am wearing the pink ones today, a guy came in the library earlier and needed to send a fax, so while I'm sending it he says "I like those shoes". That pretty much made my day, guys noticing fabulous shoes and then commenting on it is like the greatest thing ever!

As with almost every other post I've added this one is going to involve food. I ate at Olive Garden yesterday, they have a new chicken dish that is amazing.

It is the Chicken Milanese and it consist of Pan-seared chicken breasts crusted with Italian herbed breadcrumbs, served with asiago-filled tortelloni, tossed with spinach in a garlic cream sauce.

It was so good, I hope they add it to the menu.

Women are funny, while standing in line last night to watch Sex and the City. I made some observations.

1. When going to watch a movie such as S & C women feel the need to dress up, apparently if the movie showcases great fashion you should be dressed this way too.

I don't have a problem with this in anyway, except if you are going to do it, do it right. I saw some of the awfullest outfits I have ever seen. One lady in particular, she was wearing a brown, sleeveless dress that was a size too small, which caused a problem with clinginess. It was made out of a material that was a bit heavy, so even if it had had room to be flowy, there was no chance of that happening.

2. Women feel the need to over state how much their husbands/boyfriends hate chick flicks.

It's a world-wide known fact that men don't like chick flicks. Apparently some women don't know this and they don't realize that everyone else does know it. I bet I heard 15 different women tell their friends something along these lines. "I tried to get ________ (insert guy name here) to come with me, but he didn't want to see this movie." To which the friends would reply "Yea, my husband/boyfriend didn't want to either" Duh! ya think!?!? Was this information exchange really that shocking to you?

So these are my thoughts....

I'm thinking about starting a shopping blog, like pretty much when I get new stuff posting pics and whatnot, hmmm....we'll see.

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Anonymous said...

Those shoes are fab!!!! I think I would fall over though if I tried to wear them!!! I practically live in trainers or flats! I tried to wear high heels to my aunts wedding at the weekend but they just weren't comfy (I have had them for like 5 years but rarely wear them!)