Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm Melissa Sooter and this is my American Idol update...

So my first thought is, no one on AI should ever, ever sing a Bob Marley song. He was great, we love him, but only he, himself can sing those songs. They aren't great vocal songs and they just aren't the same coming from anybody else.
Secondly, Randy apparently woke up on the wrong side oh his pricey satin sheets...he was totally giving some the contestants a bit of the "stink eye".
My man Simon came through though and totally told them what they needed to hear.
I am pretty sure that Jason will go home tonight, I'm sure he has a lot of fans, I mean he is way cute, but the last few weeks his performances just weren't what they needed to be. If not him it will be Syesha, but I think he last couple of weeks have been strong enough that she will get to stick around one more week.
On another random note, I had my daily order of Mac & Cheese snacks earliler, they were amazing!

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