Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So, I got my radio all up and running on Monday and I love it! Here's the bad news, I used a promotion code when I called to set it up. The promotion was to get the first 3 months free, the activation fee waived, and a year's worth of radio for $77. This was a pretty sweet deal and I was super excited. The lady who helped me said the code was valid and everything was good to go. Today, while I'm sitting at work I get a phone call from an unknown number, so I answer and it is another representative from XM who tells me that the code I used does not entitle me to the first 3 months free. I'm pretty much not too happy at this point and she doesn't really care so I ask to speak to her supervisor. The supervisor tells me all the same stuff and after my not very happy reply they decide to give me one month free. So, I still got a pretty good deal, but I think when one representative tells me I can have something I should get it!
In other news, the mac and cheese snacks I ate earlier were delicious! It was brought to my attention last night, by a very awesome source, that I haven't eaten bacon in at least a month. Which really doesn't sound like a big deal, until you know that it is like my favorite food. Maybe not my most favorite but it's definitely in the top 10. So I also had a bacon toaster today, which was way tasty! I have a new favorite drink at Sonic also, it is lemonade with strawberry.
I just realized that pretty much all my post involve food...weird?
Tonight is the last night of performances for this season of American Idol. *TEAR* Actually I am pretty much excited, this season has seemed long to me, very entertaining though. I think this year will be one of the closest ever, both Davids are very talented. I really think that Cook will win. He has been my pick all along, all though I won't be disappointed if he doesn't win. He will definitely be getting a record deal.

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