Friday, May 23, 2008

A. Idol thoughts

So yesterday I was all caught up in the library banter, and I didn't say anything about American Idol.
Here goes...

First off if you are a living, breathing, American you already know that David Cook won. I was super excited, I like him a lot! When he first auditioned I said he totally could win the whole thing, and I was right!

Who could forget his awesome audition where he did his own version of Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" and of course the awesome argyle pull!

This was one of my favorite performances. Idol top 12 week when he sang "Eleanor Rigby". The comment from Simon that week was ,"You actually could win this entire show"

How much do I love this shot!?

My girl Amanda, "the rebel with no cause", if you will, on the end doing the classic peace sign, while all the other girls do what they were told to do in rehearsal. Total maverick!

How great is this moment...just chillin', singing with Bryan Adams. Just for the record Bryan Adams is ageing gloriously!

The greatest American Idol winner yet! I wasn't crazy about the tails on her dress. It kinda reminded my of the outfit Dolly Parton wore a few weeks back on Idol, although at the rate Carrie is going she just might be the next Dolly, who as we all know can wear whatever she wants!

I just have one question...why did they steal Mini Me's shirt and put Archie in it??

I wasn't exactly sure how humble he was a few weeks back, but I think this was for real.

So there ya go kids our 2008 American Idol, David Cook!

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The Well Read Gardener said...

Well, just in case you want one so you can trail all the plants you don't grow on it...I got it at Lowe's and I have a feeling I'm going to have to make quick trip there on Friday. Keep writing, your blog is looking great and I can't wait for more crumbs from your infinite wisdom.