Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Fabulous Weekend!

Here's a recap -

Friday included shopping for jewelry and getting some great bargains! Followed by an amazing pedicure...possibly my new addiction? I discovered I love the new chicken sandwich at Mc Donald's, which is what I had for lunch, with possibly the best fries I have eaten there in at least a year.
The afternoon was long, possibly because I was way excited about my upcoming adventure to Clarksville for the U of O graduation. I rode down with a friend, and we didn't leave until 8:30, so the trip seemed a bit long with it being dark. Upon arrival we immediately found Wendy's, where I had the classic Frosty & Fries! Once back to the campus much chatting and " hanging out" was was in order. Much so until about 3:15 A.M. when sleep finally found me.

Saturday started early, around 6ish. I honestly don't remember getting ready, due to being sleep deprived. I kinda fade in on the day, somewhere around the time when some of us are in the car on the way to get breakfast. We were in a hurry, so it was Mc Donald's to go, which might I add, Mc Donald's has amazing breakfast! Then it was off to the chapel for baccalaureate, and after that, the big event known as graduation. It was a bit cold and triedto rain, but held off til later. I'm so glad it did!
Dinner was fun...a short road trip, loud music, friends, random pictures, having my food paid for.
After being kinda, almost blown away by a tornado, it was to Wal-Mart to buy a gift. That in itself, not so fun, but when in the presence of Jessica and Quinn ever so much fun! After that mission was complete it was to Wendy's for more Frosty & Fries! I need to throw in at this point that I probably gained 10 pounds this weekend. Once back to the campus much more of the before mentioned "hanging out" was participated in. Once again not enough sleep was had, and it was a long drive home early this morning.

Sunday, needless to say was filled with napping, it was glorious!

As for something random, I didn't not partake in Mac & Cheese bites today or yesterday...oh well, it might be for the best...
Some Pics...

Quinn & Me

Jess & Me


At dinner

Jess, Quinn, Me, David Ray, Kari

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