Saturday, June 7, 2008

My weekend so far...

I think we will start with Friday, I pretty much did a whole lot of nothing for the first half or so of the day. At about 5 the UPS truck pulled in, which meant my new phone was here!!! I quickly changed clothes and headed to Alltel to change my service over to it. After that I decided I really needed some Chinese food, I needed to go to Wal-Mart after that, so I didn’t want to get it to go. So cut to me sitting in a Chinese restaurant…alone. Usually it doesn’t bother me to eat alone, I don’t do it that often, but when I do it’s fine. The waitress takes my drink order, then like halfway through my meal she comes by and says “where are your friends?” She usually sees me in there with the same people. I say “they had plans” to which she replies “Oh well, you should have brought your boyfriend”. That right there boys and girls was the clincher! I laughed and the rest of the conversation went like this -

Me - “well it would help if I had one”

Her - “whatever you’re so pretty, you don’t have a boyfriend, I can’t believe it”

Me - “well I don’t”

Her “it must be because you don’t want on then!”

Me - (with sad look on my face) “not completely”

A few minutes later I go up to pay for my food

Her “I still can’t believe you don’t have a boyfriend”

Me - ……..

Then she gets the attention of the other women working there, (at this point I should say she is about my age and the other woman is probably mid 30’s)

She says loudly to the other woman “can you believe she doesn’t have a boyfriend?”

Woman - “really!? Well she’s actually pretty smart” and she laughs

Then the first chick turns back to me, “I really love your make-up and you smell good”

Me - “thanks”

Her - “wait, I don’t swing that way, I don’t want you to think that is why I was going on about the boyfriend and giving you compliments”

This just makes the whole thing even more awkward…
I just laughed and said “yea, me either”

Then on to Wal-Mart, to buy things like make-up and food.


Time for a wedding! One of my cousins got married today, I’m so happy for him! It was a really small ceremony, like maybe 50 people. It was very casual, the bride actually had on jeans. That was a first for me, but it worked for them, they are very laid back kind of people.
Below are some pics.

So I was going to add a few more, but the uploader thingy is messing up, maybe later.

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Anonymous said...

That is seriously informal! I loved my dress but I would have worn jeans anyday over it lol. Theres this TV show here called The Vicar of Dibley and in the very last episode she gets married as she's on the way to the church a car drives past and splashes through this giant puddle absolutely soaking her and her dress :(

However! She nips home and puts on her pjams! They were white with like roses on them (very cool pjams!) I threatened to like wear my pjam bottoms under my dress as like a joke/homage but my mum said it wasn't funny lol.

Not everyone is called to be a relationship sometimes God has a plan for us that can only be fulfulled while we're single. Theres a guy at church in the leadership who believes that when he's supposed to have a relationship or get married etc God will bring said lady to our church or into his life. which is kinda sweet