Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Here are some photos I took this morning. I don't like the way Blogger makes your photos smaller when you upload, it takes away from the quality.

This one I took with my Canon, using a special setting.

Random, I know, but appreciate it for the artistic quality...


Jenn said...

The trees are so gorgeous! I love the fall.

Do you do any digi scrapping or are you strictly a paper gal?

Blogger is terrible for making pictures muddy. I have noticed the blogs with great pictures have them hosted by Flickr. I am thinking of checking into it for mine.

Johnice said...

Your right, they looked more crisp in person.

God's Girl said...

Beautiful photos of the trees! I love the fall colors. I'm from Arizona so we don't see that much here.

May the Lord bless your Sunday! May He continue to draw you close to His heart.

Thanks for letting me stop in : )