Thursday, January 8, 2009

Where to begin???

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the blogging planet, although I'm hanging by only finger tips.

I had a great Christmas, I actually had like 4 of them. I ate way too much food! New Years was good too, I got to spend it with my BFF.

I started my new job on January 2, that was an adventure. There was/is a lot to learn. Things are crazy busy with ending out a year and starting a new one, all with payroll thrown in the first week of the year. I'm liking it so far, but I will be glad when it slows down a little.

I saved the most current news for last, I was involved in a car wreck today.
I was driving to work this morning and I saw a truck stopped in the oncoming lane quite a ways ahead of me, then I see a deer cross the road. I start slowly slowing down then I deer number 2, I slow down more, I look to right in the field where the first 2 came from and there are 2 more so I come to a complete stop, not knowing if they are going to cross the road or not. They get pretty close to the road, but then run back to where they came from. After being completely stopped for maybe 4 seconds a truck runs right into the back of my car! I was so relieved that I didn't any of the deer, and right when that thought rolls through my mind is when he hits me. It was so scary, he was going pretty fast. My foot was holding the brake completely to the floor and the impact still pushed my car quite a few feet. My seat went all the way backwards and is still stuck there, the back part of the seat reclined and that is what kept me from hitting my head on the steering wheel. I know God was watching out for me today, it could have been so much worse. At this point I'm feeling okay. I hope this is still true in the morning, they say it takes about 3 days to really see how much something like a wreck effects you. I'm still not sure why the guy didn't stop or even slow down, guess I'll never know.