Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Let's try this again...

I occasionally visit this page and think to myself "you should post" usually that is as far as it goes and I navigate away...not this time, I'm doing it!

I was looking back at some of my older post (they are super old) and a lot has changed.

I bought a house in April of 2011
Clay asked me to marry him in January of 2012
We got married in May of 2012
We adopted two miniature dashounds
I got a new job in July of 2012
In May of this year Clay and I bought another house

Those are the major highlights, Clay and I are so happy, he works at a local bank and I work for our District Prosecuting Attorney, I aid crime victims. 

Our first year of marriage flew by! When I was younger I would hear people say the older you get the faster times seems to go by, that is the absolute truth. It seems like just a few months ago I was planning the wedding and now we are past the one year mark.

Recently we accepted the position of Children's Directors at our church. Our group is K - 6th grade and we are having a ton of fun with them. A few weeks ago we took some of the kids to church camp, it was the first time that any of them had every been and they loved it!


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