Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekend Project

It is a rare occasion that I do not have plans on a Saturday, tomorrow will be one of those. I plan to stay in all day Saturday, as always there is laundry and housekeeping to catch up on, but nothing to drag me out. I am planning on trying a project that I found on Pinterest. This project is originally from Bright Green Door

I already have the crockpot, my mom and I were having a yard sale a few weeks ago and she set it out to sell, I enthusiastically grabbed it proclaiming "I have a project I need that for!" Let me pause to say that I have a slight obsession with crockpots, I have about 6, they are all different shapes and size and I use them ALL the time. I am excited about this one because it will be great to take to church potlucks and family get togethers, and I can just write what the dish is on the outside.

The temperatures have been unseasonably cool here in Northwest Arkansas this week, so I plan on making some chili tomorrow also. It would be totally fine with me if our temperatures stay this way until fall is actually here, fall is by far my favorite season!

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