Saturday, September 20, 2008

Woes of the Library...

Here's an actual conversation I had today...
Emo Girl "I need to return these books, I have one more at home, but we are in a hurry. My mom knows these are overdue and that there is a fine , but we'll pay it later"
Me "Okay, well actually we don't charge fines, and I can re-check the other book if it is over due."
Emo Girl "Oh ok, good we are in a hurry"
She proceeds to walk away from the desk and I realize that the top 2 books on the stack belong to the High School Library.
Me "Excuse me, these books don't belong to us, they belong to the High School"
Emo Girl "I know I told my mom that, but she said we could bring them here."
Me "Well you can't return school library books here."
Emo Girl "Oh they belong to the school?!?"
Me "Yeah, see this stamp that says "Properly of Green Forest High School" in the front cover?"
Emo Girl "Oh, ha ha, okay, well we are in a hurry! Thanks!
So here's my take on this conversation, I'm assuming that probably this girl's mother realized that they had overdue library materials about 3 seconds before they left to go somewhere else. In a hurried panic she says to Emo daughter "We have got to return that stuff to the library, go grab it quick, WE ARE IN A HURRY!" So Emo girl runs to gather up the materials and realizes a book is missing in reply she says "Mom, I can't find one of the books!" Mom says "Those books are already overdue, they are going to charge us a fine, but go ahead and come on, WE ARE IN A HURRY! Emo girl and mother run out the door, jump in the car, and speed away. On the way to the library mother tells Emo girl, "run in and return those, tell them we know one is missing and that they are overdue and we will pay the fine next time, cause WE ARE IN A HURRY!" Mother pulls into library parking lot, Emo girl jumps out, mother says" go fast, WE ARE IN A HURRY!"
So by the time poor little Emo girl gets inside and relays the message all she can think of is "WE ARE IN A HURRY!" It was quite amusing. I'm still not sure why her mother thought we could accept High School Library books?!?


Renée said...

LOLOLOL they always crack me up when they repeat themselves a million at some point, I'm going to just go "OMG! Seriously! That just changes EVERYTHING!" hahahahahaha

Some people are very confused about libraries in general. It's it a bookstore, a lounge, a rental store, a classroom?

Melissa said...

It was a very haphazard conversation, I had to catch my breath after, lol! As far as the confusion part goes you are so right, ours seems to be a phone booth, office supply (the supplies are expected to be free of course!), a free babysitting agency, and in genral just a place for everyone without a job to hang out all day!

patsy said...

glad to know you are here. I have read most of my books need to come down and see you.

Sylvia K said...

Does remind me of my days working at the library in Great Falls, Montana!