Monday, August 4, 2008

My weekend...

So starting Thursday and ending Sunday was an event known as Youth Fire Crusades in Branson. Our youth group has been attending for a long time. Here's a slight run down...On Thursday we had "Drama Night" at the church, it was pretty short and sweet. Friday was Silver Dollar City, our kids didn't get there until Friday night, but I went on Thursday, so on Friday I hung out with my BFF and his church. We left SDC around noon, because it was ridiculously HOT, but not before riding the Giant Swing twice...I heart it so much! That afternoon I went to the movies and saw Get Smart, it's a pretty good movie, the humors isn't that kind that just reaches out and grabs you, but there are subtle funny parts. That night we had a church service, it was really good! Actually all the services were really good! After church we went to The Track, where we decided to get pizza. They have this one they call the XXXL pizza and we decided it would be cool to get that, so we did!
Yea, it was huge! I'm not sure of the actual dimensions, but it was definitely the biggest pizza I have ever seen! When we ordered it the girl was like" Are you is like this big" stretching her arms out very wide as she says it. On Saturday we had a morning service then it was free time for the afternoon. I had to come back home to make an appearance at our family reunion. Then it was back for church again that night. Our kids left that night, but I stayed for the service Sunday morning, after I had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time, which ended up being lunch with her and another friend I hadn't seen in even longer, it was loverly! So in short that was my long weekend, a few details left out, but yea, that's pretty much it.
I tried to add pics, but it is giving me trouble, maybe I can get'em on here later!

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